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From big brands to local individuals, we’ve worked with a diverse range of clients to fulfil their needs. We strive to exceed their expectations and deliver more than the brief. The case studies we’ve included are just a small sample of the work we’ve done to date. 


In the last year, Teesside based photo experience company SK Click has not only invested well over £120,000 in unique technology for the region, and launched a sister company in Aruba, it has also attracted a impressive portfolio of clients. Set up by Middlesbrough...

Aruba flies high with first ever photo experience company

Aruba’s events and entertainment industry clicked into a higher gear this week with the entry of leading photographic experience company SK Click. Launched with a show-stopping event in Indian Rock Garden, the firm showcased the dynamic range of products and...

The power of user-generated content

What do you think of when you hear the term UGC? Another marketing buzzword? An acronym that you think you should know – but just can’t get your head around? Well, if you haven’t heard of UGC or aren’t making the most of it – then you are missing out. User-generated...

How To Make Your Corporate Event Memorable

We all know that feeling… another event to plan… or even worse, another corporate bash to attend. So many events have become too samey, and because of that they are seen as a chore to attend; just another part of the job. But can you imagine how great it would be to...

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