Due to Covid-19, students leaving nursery, first, primary, junior and middle schools will now never get their leaving class photo…

SK Click has the solution!

And can make your school some much-needed extra funds too!

We can build you your very own school leavers class mosaic photo, that you can sell to parents.

Made up of the individual faces of students from each class or year (whichever you decide), along with their teacher’s photo, we can build a mosaic image of your choice that children and their families will treasure forever. Many are using the school logo or mascot.

Parents need to simply text or email their chosen photo of their child – full and simple instructions will be sent on enquiry on how to get parents to take part.

The cost to the school is just £250.  With a class of just 30 children, you can more than double that return by selling them for £17.50 each, the average of what parents spend on end of year school photos. If you do it for a school year of 100 children, you could make more than £1500!

SK Click Aruba Launch

To make sure your leaving children have a memory to treasure, please contact our team for next steps using School Leavers in the subject box.